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Russell Tribunal finds evidence of incitement to genocide, crimes against humanity in Gaza

The truth emerges…

Al Qaeda: The Database

Ron Paul and Ben Swann Discuss Rethinking 9/11, Media Industrial Complex

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Ron Paul and Ben Swann Discuss Media Bias, ISIS and Foreign Policy

Essential viewing for all who seek to understand the realities and distortions of conventional media reporting.

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Ben Swann: U.S. Creating Perpetual State of War, Fighting ISIS While Funding ISIS

I wrote this song about 4 years ago, recorded, arranged and produced the music 2 years ago, and finally found a great singer for the song in September 2014! I play the guitars, Samuel Dubois plays steel pans, David Philips plays Fender Rhodes, Winston Blissett plays bass, and Westley Joseph plays the drums.

The Real Reason Apple Won’t Unlock Your iPhone for the Police

"Too Late To Turn Back Now" - Mike Collins | Phil Ramocon

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Not only is the American-Israeli alliance characterized by $3 billion in yearly aid from the United States to Israel, along with unyielding political and diplomatic support, it is also characterized by shared values in perpetual war and indefinite detention.

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

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