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EFF Outlines Key Issues With Mass Surveillance to Government Oversight Board

Serious shit…

The Hole in Our Collective Memory: How Copyright Made Mid-Century Books Vanish

Gives pause for thought…

This Girl Can Play The Bass!

Alissia Benveniste performs her original song “Let it Out” live at Berklee College of Music’s 1A Berk Recital Hall.

Alissia Benveniste: bass, voice
Ben Zecker: musical director, keys
Robert Gould: background vocals
Ricky McKinney: background vocals
Desmond Scaife Jr.: background vocals
Nero Tindal: guitar
Ryan Stanbury: trumpet
Lomar Brown: alto saxophone
Jomo Slusher: trombone
Coran Henley: drums
Moez Dawad: percussion

Ever-increasing copyright scope, term, and sanctions threaten freedom of speech - which is where the intersection between moral rights and human rights takes place!

Anonymous participant at a legal seminar chaired by Sir Colin Birss and hosted by Bird & Bird at which the question “Are Moral Rights Human Rights” was debated by several experts…


Bass Players Start Young in Brazil!

Amazing 13-year-old Michael Lima e Silva plays bass on the promenade in Fortaleza Ce, Brazil

Glen Miller & Band having Big Fun playing 'Live'!

Well, live-ISH. And the boys’ music was sexed up by the studio’s arranger - but that’s Glenn and his men there! (Except the pianist!) For more, check out http://morpheusatloppers.wordpress.co

I’ve been busy - 500 posts on Tumblr so far!

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The Marvels' reggae cover of Aretha's "Think"

I love the band and the groove on this reggae cover of Aretha’s “Think”! Does anyone know who’s playing on this?

"You Know How To Love Me" - Phyllis Hyman can SING!

Soul singer Phyllis Hyman offers her own unique vocal phrasing on this stomping tune!

Monty Alexander - Improvisation on Happy Birthday - Verbier Festival 20th anniversary

Monty ‘writes the book’ on how to improvise jazz piano with a tune we all know!

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