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Not only is the American-Israeli alliance characterized by $3 billion in yearly aid from the United States to Israel, along with unyielding political and diplomatic support, it is also characterized by shared values in perpetual war and indefinite detention.

Amazing mind reader reveals his ‘gift’

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Esther Perel: The secret to desire in a long-term relationship

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15 European startups making waves in the music industry

Mainstream Media: Weapon of Mass Deception!

Click here to watch a video clip of Infowars reporter Lee Ann McAdoo talking to Rudy Dent about his incredible first-hand experience of the lies surrounding WTC 7. 

Rudy worked for the NYC fire department and the NYPD for a total of 32 years before his retirement, and personally witnessed the third tower come down.

As Rudy puts it: “The mainstream media’s mission is to act as the most effective weapon of mass deception and public manipulation the world has ever seen. If you don’t think that’s so, ask anyone any taboo question that the mainstream media frowns upon with its army of trusted celebrity press-titutes and you will see a sadly-predictable knee-jerk reactionary response from the public because that’s what they’ve been trained to believe and trust in!”

Exploring the Fifth Estate


First question: what is ‘the Fifth Estate”?

Answer #1 - A film that reveals the Wikileaks quest to expose the deceptions and corruptions of power:


Answer #2 - A ‘shorthand’ reference to the new alternative news media, which is also referred to as the ‘Networked Fourth Estate’ (by analogy with ‘the Fourth Estate’ as used to refer to the conventional news media). 

Click here for more info via Wikipedia, and click here for an even more pertinent explanation, and here for a political viewpoint.

To better understand what is happening to news media worldwide, click here to read this prescient 2010 article titled “The Splintering of the Fourth Estate” by Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger who talks about the future of journalism, defends the BBC against its denigrators, and gives 15 key reasons why Twitter is such an important new  technological ‘tool’ for journalists (and all of us, really). 

For ‘Fearless Investigative Grassroots Journalism’, award-winning US journalist Ben Swann - click here - provides a model for others. Brief bio here.

Click here for info about the Wheeler Centre located in Australia, which hosts an interview series known as ‘The Fifth estate’ that reacts to the latest stories whipping up a storm in the media.

Click here to link to LondonReal TV - an alternative news channel sponsored by fitness products whose mission statement includes to ‘Seek the truth, not what the government or news media is telling us.’

Consortiumnews.com has been providing independent investigative journalism since 1995, attempting to combat “the waves of disinformation coming from Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and the hordes of other right-wing media outlets – distortions often reinforced by the careerist mainstream press.”

A good source for antiwar news, viewpoints and activities is the AntiWar.com website, while Opednews.com provides “Progressive, Liberal United States and International News, Opinion, Op-Eds and Politics.”

In the UK we have the Stop The War coalition website - click here for the link - which provides an excellent alternative source of news and resources to counterbalance the mainstream media.

Another leading alternative news and information website in the US is the Information Clearing House - click here for the link - which provides ‘News you won’t find on CNN or FoxNews”.

Over in Israel, the Haaretz blog provides a wealth of alternative information about the situation in Israel, Palestine and the Middle East.

In the Arab world, Al Jazeera is providing an increasingly valuable alternative source of news, especially with its English language versions - Aljazeera and Aljazeera America

One of the most interesting alternative media sites is RT.COM which provides an alternative perspective on major global events, and acquaints international audiences with the Russian viewpoint. Click here for more info about this.

OK - if you have clicked through to even some of these links, you will have got the idea by now. The conventional news media is definitely not ‘fit for purpose’ any longer - if it ever was - but, thanks to the Internet, we do now have access to  alternative sources that some are now referring to as the “Fifth Estate”!!!

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Ray McGovern - Intelligence Activism | London Real Interview - explains the facts behind the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam, The Iraq Wars, and the current situation in the Ukraine.

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Former CIA Intelligence Analyst turns Activist

Former CIA Officer Ray McGovern is now a Political Activist who explains how the World really works!

Home Recording Pioneer

The picture shows Les Paul with singer Mary Ford with his portable recording equipment set up in his apartment in the early 1950s.

Click here for more information.

The flight cases contain his multi-track Ampex tape recorder and other equipment. Behind him there is a gramophone turntable mounted onto a large console with what looks like a loudspeaker grille underneath.

To his left is a tape playback machine and mounted into the wall is what looks like a large Altec cinema style loudspeaker cabinet with the high-frequency horn radiator at the top!

He is playing one of his experimental ‘log’ guitars which he constructed while developing guitar pickups and designs that were fore-runners of the Gibson Les Paul guitars.

Even more amazingly, Les Paul used to take his portable recording gear into apartments and lodgings all around the US when he was touring extensively with Mary Ford so that he could record wherever they were - and they created many hit records using this equipment!

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The Tiniest Violin Shop!

Roy Ayers - Live At Ronnie Scott’s - Excellent gig with an amazing duel on vibraphone with the conga player in the band who gives Roy a real challenge!

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I was checking out some of the virtual instruments in Logic so I kept overdubbing parts until I put this piece together. I used a muted trumpet sound to play some melodic ideas and I’m planning to write a song to go with this!

More Than 70 Public Interest Organizations and Companies Urge Congress to Update Email Privacy Law

MusicTechFest Reviewed

This link takes you to a 2.5-hour long video of Day 1 of the MusicTechFest:


Perhaps the most interesting presentation for me starts at 19:50 from Juliana at SupaPass and runs to 33:50 or thereabouts - about 14 minutes. This explains all about a new system to help independent artists get paid while concentrating on their creativity rather than on all the other stuff - business, marketing, managing social media, etc. 

The next speaker talks about Merchandise - an increasingly important part of the music industry! This guy explains why - and talks about the future of Merchandise. Most importantly, he discusses how an independent artist can get into Merchandising without the prohibitive initial outlay! 

He explains how independent artists or people in independent bands can earn enough to pay their mortgages via merchandising! His presentation last for about 12 minutes or so until about 47 minutes into the video.

The next speaker starts at around 48 minutes and runs for about 14 minutes until 1:02. She talks about print - which she specialises in, despite many thinking that print is dead due to digital! Her company adds computer technology to printed paper products, and aims many products at the music industry, such as interactive posters that you can ‘play’! She also talks about the latest features developed by Apple for its computer operating systems, OSX Yosemite and IOS 8, that allow MIDI over BlueTooth. So they can print MIDI controllers that connect to Pro Tools, Logic and so forth! She presents the concept of an artist selling a printed book that (connects to the Internet) about the artist that has ‘touch portals’ through to her social media. So she could sell a book about an album, even before she has written or recorded the album, that would then allow the fan to see the lyrics as she writes these, hear the demos as she records these - the fan would get a notification via the book to the artist’s social media to keep the fan interested and connected!

From 1:07 to 1:22 an Israeli guy called Matan guy talks about Musical Brain Hacking! This extracts over 120 brain activity functions using 3 EEG electrodes. The info is sent via Bluetooth to a computer that translates this to MIDI. The software uses 20 of the brain features and converts the values of each of these to a separate MIDI channel which he runs into Ableton Live where it is assigned to a virtual instrument - it could actually be used to control any MIDI application, such as Pro Tools. He explains how far they have got with this futuristic project. A paraplegic guy was trained to use this quite effectively just using his thought patterns.

From 1:22 to 1:37 there is a presentation called Music from the Heart - making music from data derived from the body,  the cardiovascular data. He now gathers human data bout stress levels and is developing products to help people cope with these.

From 1:38 Hugh Jones presents his new interactive electronic musical MIDI toy, based on a concertina - the concertronica.

From 1:57 there is a poetry machine demonstrated by Robert Thomas.

From 2:21 to 2:29, a couple of amazing guys, Adam John Williams, an amazingly talented electronic/computer/hacker designer and Jason Singh, a beatboxer who used to work with loop stations and chaos pads, but now works with live musicians as well,. In this demo, they use laptops with Ableton.

All-in-all a very thought provoking and interesting set of presentations. There are links to more presentations at the website and I am sure these will be worth watching as well.

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