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Cilla Black’s “You’re My World” Recording Session

My esteemed colleague Tony Bridge recently posted this amazing pic of the 1964 recording session at Abbey Road Studios with Cilla Black singing “You’re My World” -


- which just happens to be one of the two Cilla Black records that I just had to buy as soon as I heard them, the other being “It’s For You” which John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote specially for her:


Tony Bridge was the tape operator on these Abbey Road sessions for Parlophone Records, with producer George Martin and several other notable studio people also present.

For those of you who are interested in the history of recorded music, this picture gives a fascinating insight into the way a pop hit of the 60’s like this song was actually recorded, how the musicians were seated in the studio, how many string players were involved, and so forth! It also shows a number of the interested parties who were attending the studio at the time, including various sales and marketing people!

If anyone is able to identify the members of the rhythm section at the right of the picture, playing double bass, electric guitar, drums and percussion, please let me know!

The session personnel listed on “It’s for you” include Allan Weighell, Bass guitar; Don Lusher, Trombone; Vic Flick, Acoustic Guitar; Martin Kershaw, Guitar; Stan Barrett, Percussion; Kenny Clare, Drums; Eric Allen, percussion; Frank Horrox, Instruments; Margot Newman, Instruments; and Ann Simmons, backing vocals. Producer George Martin is also listed as Conductor and Keyboards player.  

Mike Collins 

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